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How will you tell the world that you’re eating for two this Thanksgiving?

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to share you’re expecting. While you have everyone gathered around, you can celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new family member!

From photos and shirts to Thanksgiving pregnancy décor, we have many ideas on this list to spread the good news.

Keep reading to discover 24 Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas.

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Scroll these best and most creative Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas.

Turkey Egg

Decorate an egg like a turkey, place it in a gift box with a note, and give it to the grandparents-to-be! This cute Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement idea is creative without requiring too much artistic skill. To do this, use fake fall-colored feathers, a permanent market, and a little paint for the turkey’s wattle and feet.

Thankful Flat Lay


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Looking for Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas for social media? This colorful flat lay screams fall. On a letter or chalkboard write “One more reason to be thankful this year.” Beside it, place your sonogram photo and a pair of baby booties. A fall wreath can border your layout, bringing your aesthetic announcement together.

Football Flat Lay


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For many, a big part of Thanksgiving is football. If your family thinks the big game is just as important as the food, this is the perfect Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement to share on social media.

Extra Hungry Flat Lay

For another social media flat lay idea, try the cute phrase “extra hungry this year.” All you’ll need is a letterboard, pinecones, and a few acorns for decoration.

Wine Labels


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Although you won’t be drinking wine this Thanksgiving, you can use it to announce the good news to others! For a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement, get a fall-themed wine label and stick it on your table wine bottle. You can order customizable labels by searching “Thanksgiving pregnancy wine label” on Etsy.

Printable Art Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement


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On Etsy, you can order customizable Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement wall art. After printing it out, place it in a frame near your door for guests to see. To view options, search “printable pregnancy announcement” on Etsy.

Thanksgiving Wreath

Buy or create a DIY Thanksgiving wreath. In the middle, hang a small sign or piece of paper that reads “we’re expecting!” Hang it on your front door so your guests will know as soon as they arrive.

Pumpkin with Sonogram Photo


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You can use this idea as a hallway décor piece or as a prop for an announcement photo. Simply tape your sonogram photo to a small pumpkin.

Thanksgiving Gratitude Exercise

Before you eat Thanksgiving dinner, go around the table and have everyone share one thing they’re thankful for. When it’s your turn, share what you’re grateful for—your pregnancy!

Our Little Pumpkin Scratch Tickets
Hand out Thanksgiving-themed scratch tickets to announce the gender of your baby. You can purchase these on Etsy.

Sonogram Side Dish
When you’re putting out all the dishes for Thanksgiving dinner, lay out an empty plate and place your sonogram photo on it. As everyone makes their plate, they’ll see your sonogram side dish!

Children’s Turkey Art Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement
Let your children announce they’re getting a new sibling. Using construction paper, markers, and feathers, create turkeys and label with your children’s names. Then make a small turkey and label it “baby.” Hang or frame this artwork somewhere that your guests can see. See an example of this pregnancy announcement on Teaching Mama

Little Turkey Gift Box

This customizable turkey gift box can be wrapped up and gifted to the grandparents-to-be. When they open it up, they’ll see the message, “This year we are extra thankful a little turkey is on the way!” You can purchase it on Etsy or make a DIY version at home.

Custom Puzzle

Order this Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement puzzle on Etsy and customize it with your baby’s details. After dinner, have your family work on the puzzle to reveal the news!

Bun in The Oven with Help In the Kitchen
When your oven is no longer hot, place a pot in the oven with your sonogram photo inside. Ask one of your guests for some help in the kitchen. Have them pull out the pot to reveal your sonogram photo.

Hidden Sonogram Photos
Here’s another idea involving sonogram photos. Instead of placing your photo in an obvious spot, make a few copies and hide them around the house. For example, you can place one on the fridge, on a table, on a wall, in a kitchen drawer, etc. Whoever finds out the good news first is the winner!

Display Your Baby Recipe

Ask a family member for some help with a recipe in the kitchen. Then hand them this “recipe for a baby sister.” (Recipe for a baby brother is also available).

Use a Fetal Doppler for a Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

Did you know you can use your fetal doppler to announce your pregnancy? Fetal dopplers are at-home devices that you can use to detect your baby’s heartbeat while she’s still in the womb. It amplifies the noise through speakers and creates a bonding experience for the whole family.

After Thanksgiving dinner when your family is relaxing or chatting around the table, sneak off into another room. Lean back and use your fetal doppler to detect your baby’s heartbeat. When you have the heartbeat, call your family into the room and let them experience your baby for the first time. This is a memorable way to announce that you’re expecting and it allows people to instantly connect with their new family member.

Fetal dopplers start working around 12 weeks, which is when many are comfortable announcing their pregnancy. Many parents say the device creates a magical bonding experience and provides another layer of reassurance.

To learn more about fetal dopplers, read our helpful guides:

Need help on which fetal doppler to purchase? Read:

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Shirts
When you find a saying you like, type the phrase into Etsy or Amazon search and choose a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement shirt.

Turkey In Mom’s Oven


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This shirt says it all! It’s perfect to wear to Thanksgiving dinner to share the good news with all your family!

Not A Food Baby


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Is it a food baby or a real one? With this shirt, nobody will question whether your new belly is caused by Thanksgiving dinner.

One More Reason to Be Thankful


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A shirt that says what you’re most grateful for this Thanksgiving!

Couple Turkey Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Get your partner involved with this couple shirt set!

Already Wobblin Thanksgiving Announcement Shirt

Make your family laugh as you share the good news with this punny Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement shirt. It features the cute phrase “Gobblin Cause I’m Already Wabbling.”

Pie for Two Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Shirts

Let your family know that you’re eating for more than just yourself this year. This “Pie for Two” shirt is a cute way to spread the word!

Stuffed With…

This Thanksgiving, you’re not just stuffed with turkey and pie, you also have a baby in there! This Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement shirt is perfect to wear to your dinner.

Summary: Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to announce your pregnancy. While you have your family together, make the good news memorable with one of the creative ideas on this list. To keep it simple, you can also wear a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement shirt. Many cute and funny announcement phrases can be found on Etsy.

Do You Have a Fetal Doppler Yet?

Fetal dopplers are handheld devices that amplify your baby’s heartbeat. It’s a great way to bond with your baby before birth and many parents find the experience reassuring.

Show Off Your Baby’s Heartbeat. Use a Fetal Doppler Today!

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