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Podcasts are an easy, fun way to learn pregnancy information.

Without even picking up a book, you can hear tips from others who’ve been there.

They’re a great option for busy parents who have trouble fitting in baby research. Since many podcasts are conversational, it can feel more like learning from friends than taking a serious class. Listen to them while you’re walking, working out, doing the wishes, driving, etc.

In this guide, we’ll cover the best pregnancy podcasts by category so you can choose the perfect one.

Best By-The-Week Pregnancy Podcasts

Listen to these weekly podcasts to follow along in your pregnancy journey.

40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast

This podcast walks you through what you can expect each week. Listen to the episodes at the beginning of each week to get information about baby development, breastfeeding and more. It’s also a great pregnancy podcast for vitamin tips and birth plan information leading up to the big day.

Listen to 40 Weeks Pregnancy Podcast

Pregnancy Confidential

Pregnancy Confidential is another countdown pregnancy podcast but with a friendly, fun tone. Starting at week 9, you’ll be walked through the changes you’ll be experiencing. Compared to other similar pregnancy podcasts, this one focuses more on the emotional and lifestyle changes. For example, you’ll find topics like how to share the news with your boss.

Listen to Pregnancy Confidential

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for Information

If you’re looking to learn more about pregnancy stages, health and labor, consider these best pregnancy podcasts.

All About Pregnancy & Birth

Who better to get information from than an OB/GYN? Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins covers a variety of topics from pregnancy to delivery. Her approachable tone makes the information easy to digest while reassuring worried mothers-to-be.

Listen to All About Pregnancy & Birth


This podcast features episodes that discuss all aspects of pregnancy. Host Adriana Lozada interviews experts and shares helpful baby information.

Listen to Birthful

Informed Pregnancy

Informed pregnancy is hosted by prenatal chiropractor Dr. Elliot Berlin, who shares information about many relevant topics. From interviewing guests to discussing birth plans, episodes cover a lot of ground.

Listen to Informed Pregnancy

Preggie Pals

Preggie Pals is made up of a panel of pregnant women at different stages of the journey. In each episode, they share helpful information and entertain listeners in a conversational style. Since there’s many episodes, you probably won’t run out of content to listen to.

Listen to Preggie Pals

Growing Our Family

This podcast takes listeners from a positive pregnancy test to delivery. Covering all aspects of the months ahead, the host will share her research and chat with guests.

Listen to Growing Our Family

Good Pregnancy Eats

Good Pregnancy Eats focuses on the health aspect of pregnancy. What nutrients should you be getting for your baby? What do you need to know? The host is a registered dietician who will guide you through evidence-based nutrition information.

Listen to Good Pregnancy Eats

The Boob Group

Unlike other pregnancy podcasts, this one shares advice you’ll use after birth. Since you’ll start breastfeeding after labor, being prepared is a good idea. The hosts help demystify breastfeeding and pumping by having an open conversation about what they’ve learned on their journeys.

Listen to The Boob Group

Plus Mommy Podcast

The Plus Mommy Podcast focuses on pregnancy and motherhood as a plus-sized mom. The host discusses and interviews others who speak about their stories. She also tackles informational topics such as home births for plus-sized women and disordered eating.

Listen to Plus Mommy Podcast

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for Storytelling

Listening to the experiences of others can feel relatable. It can be educational and prepare you for what’s to come.

The Birth Hour — A Birth Story Podcast

If you’re a new mom, you’re probably curious what the process of labor actually looks like. You may have seen videos, but you know nothing compares to experiencing it yourself. This podcasts lets you walk through other’s journeys so you can learn more about birth plans and procedures.

Listen to Birth Hour

Birth Stories in Color

Rather than discussing information about expecting, this pregnancy podcast aims to teach you through the power of storytelling. You’ll hear stories from Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latino, and multiracial people who’ve been through their own pregnancy journeys. The episodes aim to help you uncover unexpected and new parts of pregnancy.

Listen to Birth Stories in Color

Big Fat Positive

Big Fat Positive is a fun pregnancy podcast about two friends who became pregnant at the same time. The episodes follow their journeys with weekly check-ins while sharing information helpful to other moms-to-be. It approaches motherhood from a conversational, friendly, honest perceptive

Listen to Big Fat Positive

Fear Free Childbirth + Motherhood with Alexia Leachman

Many mothers experience pregnancy worry for various reasons. One common cause is fear of childbirth. This podcast helps you shift your fears with birth stories and advice from experts. You’ll learn about how to cope with your worry so you can better experience pregnancy.

Listen to Fear Free Childbirth + Motherhood with Alexia Leachman

Best LGBTQ+ Pregnancy Podcasts

General pregnancy podcasts can help you learn about your baby’s development, which can be useful. But not every journey looks the same. Sometimes it’s more helpful to learn from those who can relate to your experiences.

Outspoken Voices

LGBTQ + families often go through different experiences when it comes to pregnancy, adoption and parenting. The hosts tackle these topics and more. Past episodes including tag-team pregnancy, trans pregnancy and political parenting.

Listen to Outspoken Voices

If These Ovaries Could Talk

This lesbian couple talks about topics like sperm donation, surrogacy and adoption. They feature stories from LGBTQ+ and non-traditional parents trying to conceive.

Listen to If These Ovaries Could Talk

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for Single Parents

Single parents have a different journey when it comes to pregnancy. Listen to tips and stories from mothers who have been there.

The Single Mom Podcast

Get tips and resources on starting a family alone. You’ll hear topics discussed through an empowering lens with a focus on self-care and mental health.

Listen to The Single Mom Podcast

Solo Parent Society

This podcast discusses tips on being a single parent and the mental stresses. It also focuses on relationship topics, such as dating with a child and dealing with divorce/breakup trauma.

Listen to Solo Parent Society

Best Podcasts for Natural Pregnancies or Home Births

If you’re planning on having a home birth with a midwife, some information shared in other podcasts might not be applicable to you. If you’re on a different journey, listen to hosts who can prepare you for it.

Happy Homebirth

This is the best pregnancy podcast for those having a home pregnancy with a midwife. You’ll hear positive natural childbirth stories and be educated on what you need to know before the big day.

Listen to Happy Homebirth

Taking Back Birth

The Taking Back Birth podcast host is a midwife who educates you on a range of topics so you can make your own birth decision. Previous topics include natural childbirth, doulas, spirituality in pregnancy and more. The host also shares stories as she continues on her own parenting journey.

Listen to Taking Back Birth

Indie Birth

Indie birth is another podcast ideal for parents wanting a natural-style birth. You’ll hear the hosts discuss the usual pregnancy topics, but from a natural lens, including mental preparation.

Listen to Indie Birth

Best Pregnancy Podcasts for Fertility Journeys

Not everyone’s path to pregnancy is straight-forward. If you’ve conceived through another method, or are struggling to conceive, these are good podcasts to choose. They provide relevant information while also empathizing with the emotional challenges that can come with infertility.

The Fertility Podcast

This podcast discusses topics surrounding infertility such as male infertility, IVF, surrogacy and more. Host Natalie Silverman talks about her own experiences while interviewing experts who can shed light on infertility. It’s a great option for anyone who needs to take extra steps to conceive.

Listen to The Fertility Podcast

Beat Infertility

This pregnancy podcast is part informational and part storytelling. You’ll learn about stages in the infertility journey and hear from experts. Each episode also features stories from one person struggling with infertility and another who’s successfully conceived.

Listen to Beat Infertility

Summary: Best Pregnancy Podcasts

Pregnancy podcasts are great for gaining information, learning from other’s experiences and feeling supported. Listen to them while you’re walking, driving or doing chores. The best pregnancy podcast for you depends on what you’re looking for. From informational and countdown podcasts to storytelling ones, there’s something for every expecting parent.

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