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Being pregnant can minimize your date options for Valentine’s Day. But a pandemic can dampen those plans even more.

There’s still plenty of ways you can relax and connect with your partner though. Whether you’re staying at home or want to venture out in your area, there’s an option on this list you’ll love.

In this post, we’re counting 22 pregnancy Valentine’s date ideas that will still keep you COVID-19 safe.

22 Pregnant Valentine’s Date Ideas: COVID-19-Approved

Being pregnant on Valentine’s Day is a special experience, don’t let the pandemic ruin it!

#1 Prenatal Massage from Partner

Going for a nice massage on Valentine’s day sounds like a relaxing idea, but that may not be possible in some states. Instead, trade massages with your partner. If you don’t know how to massage, you can look up a few techniques on YouTube. Your partner can also watch this prenatal technique video.

#2 Have a Fondu

Fondues are a good way to have fun and lengthen the eating experience for better bonding. Your two main options are melted chocolate and melted cheese. Then, find some interesting foods to dip in!

#3 Belly Cast

Belly casts are just what they sound like—a cast that’s formed on your belly. After it’s dried, you and your partner can get creative decorating it to represent your baby. Here are some ideas:

  • Paint
  • Write notes to your baby about your hopes/dreams for her
  • Get family members to write notes to your baby
  • Do a collage of sonogram or family photos
  • Use stickers

In case you’re wondering, the plaster is safe during pregnancy and there’s enough in one kit to cover your full belly.

#4 At-Home Spa Night

Make Valentine’s date night one of pampering and spa-like bliss! Even if your partner isn’t typically the one for self-care, ask him to indulge you for just this one night. Make sure to gather any supplies you need beforehand. Activities could include:

  • Face masks
  • Hand/feet masks
  • Manicures (your partner could use a cuticle clean up and trim too!)
  • Bubble bath
  • Exfoliate

To make your home feel relaxing like a real spa, put on some calming music, light some candles, add some essential oils into a diffuser and walk around in cozy robes and slippers all evening.

#5 Movie Marathon with Popcorn Bar

Many people go to the movies for Valentine’s day, but depending on your state’s rules and your comfort level, that may not be an option right now. Instead, create a lineup of movies to watch with your partner. Instead of freshly made theatre popcorn, make a popcorn bar. Use stove popped popcorn and have a variety of salts and flavorings ready to experiment with.

#6 Sampling Date

Pick a food or drink category that you and your partner love and make it a sampling date! Ideas could include:

  • Teas
  • Chocolates
  • Hot chocolates
  • Candies
  • Juices
  • Sodas

Buy multiple different products in the category you choose and lay them out. Have fun with your partner sampling the varying types. If you wish, you can turn it into a guessing game (ex. “guess which type of chocolate this is?”)

#7 Use a Fetal Doppler Together

For the most special pregnancy Valentine’s day date, use a fetal doppler to let your partner hear your baby’s heartbeat. These handheld devices are easy to use: All you need to do is turn it on, apply some ultrasound gel and glide the probe until you detect a heartbeat. Many women say they make for a beautiful bonding experience between their partner and them and their partner and the baby. Since there’s only a few ways a father can bond with their baby before birth, a fetal doppler date will be one magical enough to remember forever.

Get Your Fetal Doppler Before Valentine’s Day for Only $49.95!

#8 Play Mini Golf

You don’t need to leave your house to play mini golf! Even if you don’t have a backyard, buy a mini golf set on Amazon and put it in your living room. Challenge each other to a round to show off your skills.

#9 Take an Online Dance Class

If you typically love going out for a night of dancing but can’t because of the pandemic, find ways to learn a new dance at home with your partner. Many dance schools are offering zoom classes online so the teacher can provide feedback. For a free option, search up your favorite dance style on YouTube.

#10 Write Letters to Your Baby

For a pregnancy-themed Valentine’s day, plan to sit down with your partner and write letters to your baby. To get ideas on how to do that and prompts to get you started, read DIY Letters to My Daughter/Son Writing Prompts: Pregnancy Keepsake.

You can also buy a Letters to My Daughter or Letters to My Son book, which you can fill out using their prompts. It also comes with envelopes so you can date and seal the letters for your baby to read as they grow up.

#11 Plan the Nursery

If you’re not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day but still want to do something a little special because you’re pregnant, plan your nursey. Sit down with your partner and share your ideas about color, design, furniture, etc. Ask for their input and make a plan you can follow.

#12 Cooking Box Challenge

Cooking dinner together is a good date idea, but if you’ve done it every night since the pandemic, it might not feel special enough for Valentine’s Day. To change it up a bit, make dinner into a challenge with specific ingredients. Each person needs to work with only those ingredients to put together the winning dish. Here’s more instructions on how to have a Black Box Cooking Competition.

#13 Belly Sticker Photos

Belly sticker photos are a fun thing you can do from home—all you need are a set of pregnancy-themed stickers. Have fun with your partner creating silly faces and snapping the best creations!

#14 Craving Buffet

Set up a romantic dinner buffer—but only filled with foods you’re craving during pregnancy. It can get as fancy or as silly as you’d like. Pickles wrapped in cheese next to perfectly grilled steak slices—the options are as endless as your cravings!

#15 Takeout by Candlelight with Fancy Maternity Wear

If you want to go out for a nice romantic dinner but restaurants are closed in your city, there’s a good alternative. Order a nice takeout meal and instead of eating it in the containers, plate it on nice dishes complete with candlelight. Just like a normal date, in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, purchase or try on a variety of maternity dresses to see which you’ll wear on the big night.

#16 Try Pregnancy Sex Positions

If you have to stay at home this Valentine’s Day anyway, why not experiment with some pregnancy sex positions if you’re in the mood? Finding comfortable positions as your belly grows can be a challenge. Spend some time finding what works best for you. Needs some ideas? Check out The 12 Best Pregnancy Sex Positions, According To Doctors.

#17 Cuddle and Stargaze

Dress up warm and lay a blanket on the ground in your backyard or a park. Download a stargazing app that will show you the constellations in the sky above you. Sip a hot drink with your partner as you point out the formations.

#18 Winter Picnic

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t have a picnic! If you live in a colder climate, put on warm clothing and lay a blanket down on the snow. Choose warm foods, such as soups and hot chocolate in thermos mugs. To make the pregnancy Valentine’s date extra magical, bring some battery-operated fairy lights and play romantic music off your phone.

#19 Game Night

Line up a few 2-player games for the evening and challenge your partner to a duel. To make it more fun, decide on prizes or punishments for the winner and loser.

#20 Local Airbnb

Many states are encouraging people to stay in their cities; however, you may still be able to go for a mini-vacation close to home. Search to see if there’s any cozy cabins in your area on Airbnb. Take a night away to relax with your partner before the baby comes.

#21 Double Valentine’s Date

During COVID-19, you’re probably trying to reduce your interaction with people outside of your home. For that reason, double dates are probably off the table. But you can still do it virtually. Set up a double Valentine’s date via zoom call. You can order food and chat as if you’re in-person. To spice it up, you can even add some distance games, such as Jackbox Games.

#22 Make a Date Bucket List

Because of COVID-19, your date options outside of the house are likely limited. But that doesn’t mean you can’t dream up the possibilities for later. Sit down with your partner and make a list of outside activities, places to go and things to see that you can enjoy once the pandemic is over.

Summary of Pregnancy Valentine’s Dates During COVID-19

During the pandemic, you’re probably trying to steer clear of the virus by minimizing your contact with people. Many date locations frequented on Valentine’s Day may also be closed to stop the spread. Luckily, there’s still many fun date ideas you can do at or near home that are perfect while you’re pregnant.

P.S. Bond with Your Baby this V-Day. Hear Her Heartbeat with a Fetal Doppler!

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