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Valentine’s Day dates before pregnancy may have included fancy dinners with multiple glasses of wine to wash it down.

Now that you’re pregnant, that may not sound so appetizing—especially without the wine. If you’re looking to switch it up this year, we have some new ideas for you.

In this post, we’re counting 21 fun dates while pregnant.

21 Fun Dates While Pregnant: Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020

No matter which trimester you’re in, you’ll find a suitable idea on this list!

#1 Go On a Baby Shopping Spree

You may not immediately think baby shopping is romantic, but what could be more special than planning for the bundle of love you made together? It’s also a great way to convince your partner to go shopping with you if they normally hate it. Can your partner really say no on Valentine’s Day?

#2 Baby Book Shopping

Maybe the thought of a whole baby shopping spree is a little too daunting for your partner. If this is the case, just stop by the bookstore. Browse children’s books together and select the first few you’ll read to your baby.

#3 Couples Massage

Couples massages involve partners laying on separate tables in the same room with different therapists. It can be relaxing and romantic—just make sure to mention you’re pregnant so they can adjust their technique. If you’re on a budget, you can always do couples massages at home using lotion. Laying on your side is often the best position to ensure a comfortable baby belly.

#4 Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Partner

If you haven’t announced your pregnancy yet, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to let out the big secret. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Leave a sonogram photo on the table surrounded by heart candies
  • Go to the beach and write the due date in the sand in a heart
  • Write the due date in the snow in a heart and take your partner outside
  • Give him a T-shirt with a dad saying such as “Best Dad”
  • Make a scratch cardand have him reveal the big surprise
#5 Announce Your Pregnancy to Your Family/Friends

Here’s a couple ideas:

  • Have a fun announcement couple photoshoot and post it on social media. You can find tons of ideas on Pinterest
  • Include your sonogram photo in any Valentine’s Day cards you give out
  • Gift “best Grandpa/Grandma/Aunt/Godmother” t-shirts
  • Visit your family and wear a shirt saying“A Tiny New Valentine is coming [Month] 2020.”
#6 Take a Day Trip

Take a day trip to a small town and explore the new things it has to offer. Walk the streets, check out shops, eat at new restaurants, etc.

#7 Swimming

Swimming may seem like a weird date idea on Valentine’s Day. But here’s why it’s perfect during pregnancy: Floating is physically enjoyable to an aching body. Another bonus is that physical activity releases endorphins, making you both feel even better about the day. If you’re worried about showing off your pregnancy body, don’t be. Your beautiful bump is a miracle and deserves to be seen by the world!

Going to a beach is a good option, but you can also consider pools if you live in a colder climate. Since public pools aren’t exactly romantic, search for hotel pools in your city that have a classier and quieter vibe. Some hotels offer a day rate to visitors to use their facilities. You can also check out spas with pools, but be careful with hot tubs. Since they can raise your body temperature too high, they should be avoided or only used for a few minutes maximum.

#8 Dancing

Similar to above, anything that gets your body moving will have the feel-good hormones flowing. Take an easy introductory class to something like salsa or ballroom and just have fun with it!

#9 Craft Class

If you’re a creative type (or even just want a few laughs), check out what types of craft lessons are available in your area. This could include pottery, candles, soap, etc. A quick note: If you have scent aversions during your pregnancy, make sure you choose a non-scented craft.

#10 Visit an Animal Shelter

If your motherly love is already kicking in, you may have a craving to hold and be around babies. The next best thing are fur babies! Take your partner for a cute date at an animal shelter. You’ll feel fulfilled petting all the dogs and cats—and you’ll both leave with a sense of goodwill that you lifted their spirits.

#11 Candy Store

This isn’t the healthiest date on this list, but there’s nothing wrong with indulging yourself every once and a while—especially on Valentine’s Day. Choose the largest candy store in town and roam around in it with your partner. Anticipate future cravings and stock up on your favorites.

 #12 Get Mani-Pedis Together

If you’ve been feeling the need for a little pampering lately (you deserve it!), the nail salon can be a good date idea. Your partner may be skeptical at first, but you can assure them it will only be a nail clean-up for them and they’ll get a nice hand and foot massage, too.

#13 Relaxing + Snacking

If you’re having intense pregnancy cravings, maybe your idea of a good day is just relaxing and snacking. Have a variety of snacks lined up for the night and pick another activity to do alongside it. This can include board games, cards, binging a Netflix series, having a movie marathon, etc.

#14 Comedy Club

Your local comedy club probably has a great skit lined up for Valentine’s Day. Score yourselves some tickets and spend the evening laughing together.

#15 Try a Sober Bar

If your typical date was a night of drinking on the town, you may be looking for a way to fill that void without alcohol. With the idea of sober curiosity trending, many cities now have “sober bars” that only offer mocktails or drink substitutes. Another alternative is to choose a restaurant or bar known for its extensive mocktail list. Use Google to pull up options in your area.

#16 Babymoon

If you have a higher budget, plan a babymoon on Valentine’s Day. If you don’t know what a babymoon is, it’s similar to a honeymoon, only it takes place before you give birth. You can plan a smaller trip a city or state over or something more elaborate such as to a sunny destination. Need more ideas? Read Should I Have a Babymoon? What to Consider & Where to Go.

#17 Bowling

Bowling is another social physical activity that shouldn’t be too strenuous. To make it extra special, choose a venue that does glow-in-the-dark at night. A quick note: This may not be the best idea if you have back pain. Picking up heavy bowling balls could make it worse.

#18 Restaurant Hopping

If you still want to eat, but you’re not into the fancy dinner this year, consider buying an appetizer or two at each restaurant and moving onto the next until you’re full. Another way to do this is to have all three of your courses at different places. This is most easily done in the restaurant district of your city where the venues are beside each other or close.

#19 Experiment with the Best Positions for Pregnancy Sex

If you’re not feeling well or in the mood lately, this may not be an option. However, if your pregnancy love hormones are high, you should know that sex during pregnancy is safe. Here’s 10 Orgasmic Pregnancy Sex Positions to try. To increase the number of comfortable positions, use several pillows or purchase a sex wedge.

#20 Cooking Class

Learning something new together is a good way to bond and share laughs. This is probably a better idea for those past their first trimester when morning sickness is most common. If you’re still experiencing bouts of nausea, choose a class that doesn’t include any of your aversions. For example, a Thai cooking class is a bad idea if the smell and taste of spicy food make you run for the washroom.

#21 Use a Fetal Doppler

If you’ve never heard of fetal dopplers before, they’re handheld devices that allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat through a speaker or earphones. They’re similar to an ultrasound only easier to use. Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply a glob of ultrasound gel on your lower belly
  2. Turn on the doppler and stick the probe in the gel
  3. Gently move the probe until you detect a heartbeat (here’s some tips for finding it)

Gifting and using a fetal doppler on Valentine’s Day is an amazing date idea because you get to enjoy the baby you’ve created together. Hearing her heartbeat can make the change feel more real and create bonding experiences for the whole family. If you already have children, it can be a good day and way to introduce them to the idea of having a baby sibling.

Still not convinced? Read 4 Reasons Why Fetal Heartbeat Monitors Are Amazing: As Explained By Our Customers

Get a Fetal Doppler today for $49.95!

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