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You’re going to be the best-dressed pregnant lady this fall!

That’s because we’re sharing everything that’s on trend this season—whether you’re looking for casual outfits or formal, sexy pieces. From the reintroduction of bold colors to retro styles and sexy fabrics, there’s something for everyone to gravitate towards.

Keep scrolling to see the best fall pregnancy trends.

3 Trendy Colors for Fall Pregnancy Outfits

This fall, we’re experimenting with color—specifically, bold and bright colors. While traditional fall colors like browns and grays are still in, you’ll notice more pops and an expanded color palette.

Burnt Orange
We’re trading in muted orange for a bold, burnt orange. Try a burnt orange slip gown on a night out.

Barbiecore Pink
The upcoming Barbie movie is having us all reminisce the pink hues we used to love as little girls. This fall, “Barbiecore Pink” is back in full swing. Over half of the looks in the Valentino fall 2022 collection include hot pink. For a more tame pop of color, try a pink handbag or a long blazer or jacket.

Mellow Yellow
According to Vogue, mellow yellow is another fall-like color being worn on the streets this season. Match the changing leaves in a long, casual, light yellow dress.


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6 Comfortable Fall Pregnancy Fashion Trends

Baggy pregnancy fashion trends are perfect for fall as the weather cools off and you could use some added warmth. Many pregnant people choose loose clothing over tighter fits for a few reasons. It’s more comfortable and puts less pressure on your swollen or aching muscles. These pieces also give you room to grow into, making them last throughout all three trimesters. Baggy fall pregnancy fashion trends also lend themselves to post-partum wear, perfect for wearing around the house and on quick coffee runs.

Knit Dresses
Flowy dresses are always a maternity must. But this year, loose knit dresses are perfect because the modern Bohemian trend is in this fall.

Slip Skirts
Slip skirts are versatile and can be worn casually during the day, to work, or for a night out. The loose fit gives you extra room to grow into while still giving off a flowy, feminine vibe.

Loose Blouses
Loose blouses are perfect for this fall because they can be worn casually, dressed up, or worn to work. You can wear a loose blouse with loose high-waisted trousers, open with a crop top, or over bike shorts. See the various ways a simple white blouse is worn in the video below.

Baggy Denim
Say goodbye to tight skinny jeans and welcome in baggy denim this fall. This trend is perfect for pregnancy where you tend to gravitate away from tight jeans anyway. Buy a pair of jeans a few sizes too big and sinch them using a ribbon or elastic on the back belt loops. Pair with a large dress shirt or crop top.


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Suede Jacket
A brown suede jacket is perfect for fall and can be layered over a long shirt and paired with leggings. It can also be dressed up and worn over a mini or maxi dress.

Big Leather Jackets
According to WhoWhatWear.com, faux-leather blazers are out and heavy-duty leather jackets are in. This is perfect for those searching for comfortable, more loose maternity options.

3 Formal Fall Pregnancy Fashion Trends

Whether it’s a work event or night on the town, these fall pregnancy trends will make you the show stopper of any gathering.

Metallic Pieces
This fall, metallic dresses are in trend, according to Vogue. Next time you’re planning for a big event this season, opt for a shiny stand-out dress.

Slip Dresses
Maxi slip dresses are popular this fall season, according to WhoWhatWear.com. The silky feel of a slip dress is perfect for pregnancy comfort and styles are flowy enough to give you breathing room.


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Polka Dot Patterns
One of the retro trends making a comeback this fall is polka dots, according to Vogue. For a formal fall pregnancy outfit, pair a polka dot dress with low white satin pumps.

3 Sexy Fall Pregnancy Fashion Trends

Usually, when we think of pregnancy fashion, we’re thinking of baggy, comfortable clothing. Some trends aim at hiding your baby bump. But the trend toward sexy maternity clothing is growing and its goal is to show off your beautiful body. While some people feel best in flowy pieces, others feel it’s shapeless.

Instead of covering up, these sexy pregnancy trends proudly display your growing belly, full bust, and butt. Adjustable waistlines are traded for tight-fitting cutouts that expose your best parts.

The trend toward sexy maternity fashion originally started with Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy in 2013. At the time, she got some criticism for wearing tight bodycon dresses instead of the typical baggy maternity wear. This year, Rhianna has renewed the trend and the world seems more ready to receive it. In public outings, Rhianna has sported bras, crop tops, open jackets, and see-through fabrics. The commonality between all her outfits? Her big baby belly is always fully exposed.

Netting Fabrics
Netting fabrics are a sexy way to show off all your pregnancy curves. One of Rhianna’s pregnancy outfits included a netted crop top and mini skirt with a bra and panties underneath. For a sexy fall maternity outfit for a night out, you could also choose a dress made from netting fabric and pair it with a large blazer.


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Crop Tops and Bras
Crop tops and bras are other favorites for sexy fall pregnancy outfits. You can pair these with trousers or a skirt. They can be worn as is or underneath an open fall jacket.


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See Through Fabrics
Throughout Rhianna’s pregnancy, she’s worn several see-through fabrics. Whether worn as a dress or a shirt with a bra underneath, these fabrics allow everyone to see your beautiful pregnancy curves.


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4 Accessories for Fall Maternity Fashion

Accessories are the easiest way to pull together a fall pregnancy outfit. Whether it’s making a casual outfit look better or adding a pop for a night out, jewelry, shoes, and bags, can make you appear on-trend, even if you’re not. A bonus? Unlike maternity-specific pieces, accessories can be used after pregnancy, making them a worthwhile investment.

Cowboy Boots
Cowboy boots are perfect for the fall season and add a country touch to an outfit. Posing for an outdoor fall maternity photoshoot? Cowboy boots are the #1 accessory to consider.

Dazzling Earrings
Vogue suggests that if the metallic trend is too much for you, add it to your accessories instead. Start with a pair of shiny earrings to add a pop.

Curvy Handbags
Curvy handbags are in this season and are an easy way to add elegance to any casual or formal fall pregnancy outfit.


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Glitzy Bag
Keeping with the metallic theme, glitzy bags are another fall pregnancy trend you can wear to big events.

Summary: Fall Pregnancy Trends

This fall’s pregnancy trends give a bit of everything. If you’re looking for looser fits, try blouses, baggy jeans, and knit dresses. For sexy nights on the town, look toward netted and see-through fabrics and crop tops. Fall pregnancy outfits for formal events will be on trend with slip dresses and metallic pieces. Don’t forget about accessories! Glitzy or curvy bags are great to dress up while cowboy boots are perfect for casual days.

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