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Are you ringing in the new year with a new pregnancy?

New Year’s is a great time to announce that you’re expecting. With everyone gathered around, you can create an intimate experience to share the good news. It’s also a great time to spread the word on social media. With the holidays lending itself to great backdrops, take advantage of this time of year by snapping beautiful announcement photos.

Keep reading to discover 14 New Year’s pregnancy announcement ideas.

14 New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Looking for the perfect New Year’s pregnancy announcement? Ring in the New Year with an extra special surprise using these ideas.

Poppin’ A Different Kind of Bottle


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If you’re hosting New Year’s Eve this year, set up a letterboard to share the good news. Display the phrase “Poppin’ a different kind of bottle this year” and place a sonogram photo beside it. Show off your letterboard where all your guests will see it: an entrance hall, dining table, or at the drink mixing station.

Photo with New Year’s Accessories


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For a New Year’s pregnancy announcement idea that you can post on social media, grab all your party accessories. You and your partner can dress up with New Year’s hats and hold noisemakers in your hands or mouths. Hold up your sonogram photo to show what else you’re celebrating this year.

Pose with New Year’s Background


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Here’s another idea for a social media New Year’s pregnancy announcement: Post a photo in front of your decorations. Decorate a wall with silver, gold, and black pom poms with number balloons for the new year. Wear a sparkly dress and strike a pose holding your baby belly.

Hello Near Year Onesie


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Get a onesie with the new year written on it and take a photo to post on social media. If you’re having a New Year’s party, you can also leave the onesie somewhere for your guests to find. Hang it in the coat closet, drape it over a chair, or place it on a table near your front entrance.

Beer Labels for New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement


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Personalized beer labels are the perfect New Year’s pregnancy announcement idea. Let the good news spread by placing them on the beers or coolers served at your party.

You can find customizable beer labels on Etsy or you can make your own at home. For a DIY version, you’ll need adhesive labels and a printer. You can make your designs for free on a design website like Canva. Add text like “Baby NAME is brewing” and your baby’s due date. To make it New Year’s themed, add in some clip art of party hats or fireworks.

Wine Label Pregnancy Announcement


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You can also make or purchase customizable wine labels to announce your pregnancy. This is a great New Year’s pregnancy announcement idea if you’re having people over for dinner. After buying your table wine, cover the label with your own custom stickers. Pour the wine for your guests and see who’s the first to notice!

Mocktail Photo


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When everyone is posting photos of their parties and fancy drinks, post a photo of your own. Share a picture of your mocktail or sparkling juice. Write a caption like, “Only mocktails for this Mama. 3 months pregnant!”

Bump Bottle

Hold a bottle of champagne high in the air while clutching your baby belly with the other hand. To finish off the New Year’s pregnancy announcement, write a clever caption like:
• “Poppin’ bellies this year”
• “Bottles aren’t the only thing poppin’ this year”
• “From poppin’ bottles to poppin’ bellies”

New Year’s Announcement Boxes


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This New Year’s pregnancy announcement in a box makes a perfect gift for family, close friends, or even your partner. Inside a gift box with tissue paper, place a baby onesie that reads “Hello Dad/Grandpa/Auntie.” Alongside it, insert a cute poem about pregnancy and the New Year.

You can also purchase announcements boxes on Etsy. The Etsy shop Hello Happy Baby uses this cute phrase: “It’s a New Year and it’s sure to be sweet! Our family is growing by one heart and two feet.”

Use a Fetal Doppler At Your Gathering


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For the most memorable New Year’s pregnancy announcement, use your fetal doppler at your gathering.

First, set up a room with a bed, sofa, or recliner chair. For an extra touch, decorate the room with fairy lights, glitter, and New Year’s décor. While everyone is partying, sneak off to the room to set up your fetal doppler. Once you’ve detected a heartbeat, call in your family and friends to see the good news. Not only will they know you’re pregnant, but they’ll get to experience it too! This makes for a sentimental moment that your guests will remember for years to come.

Not sure what a fetal doppler is? The small handheld device detects your baby’s heartbeat and plays it through the speakers. It works similarly to an ultrasound and is easy to use. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Recline back and expose your belly
  2. Apply ultrasound gel
  3. Turn device on and rock probe over your abdomen until you find the heartbeat

Many parents say fetal dopplers allow them to bond with their baby before birth. And when you use it for your pregnancy announcement, it allows others to bond immediately too. Although you might hear a heartbeat before, fetal dopplers usually start working around the 12th week of pregnancy—when many choose to share the good news!

To learn more about fetal dopplers, read:

Send a Fetal Doppler Video Announcement


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For people who can’t be at your New Year’s celebration, send or share a video of your fetal doppler heartbeat. Combine the heartbeat audio with photos, text, and video clips to create your own New Year’s pregnancy announcement video. Email it to family members or share it on social media.


Make a Heartbeat New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement Video

Here’s how you can create your own announcement video using your fetal doppler:

  1. Download the BabyDoppler app
  2. Use the app to make a recording of your baby’s heartbeat while using the fetal doppler
  3. Save your recording onto your device
  4. Download a video editing program like InShot
  5. Add text: “Happy New Year!”
  6. Add text: “2023 Welcomes Baby NAME”
  7. Insert sonogram photo
  8. Insert maternity photos or video clips
  9. Insert your heartbeat audio file to play over your sonogram photo and clips
  10. Optional: Record video messages to insert into your announcement video
  11. Optional: Customize videos to make different versions for family members

Wait For Someone to Ask Why You’re Not Drinking

Many people enjoy a few drinks on New Year’s Eve and if you’re not, people might ask why. This is the perfect opportunity to share the news! When someone comments on you not drinking, have a reply prepared, like:

  • “Surprise! I’m pregnant.”
  • “Guess why I’m not drinking.”
  • “I’m eating for 2 but drinking for 0.”

Outdoor Photoshoot

If you live somewhere with snow, take advantage of the beautiful background and turn it into a social media New Year’s pregnancy announcement. Have your family pose outside with New Year’s accessories like hats and noisemakers. Hold a sign that announces you’re expecting. As your photographer takes the photo, throw a handful of glitter into the air.

Happy New Year Pregnancy Announcement Cards

If you send out Happy New Year’s cards, write a note announcing your pregnancy and place a sonogram photo inside. You can purchase regular New Year’s cards or create your own pregnancy-themed version at home. Use sites like Canva to create your own cards or search “card templates” on Etsy for more options.

Summary: New Year’s Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

There’s plenty of New Year’s pregnancy announcement ideas that allow you to celebrate the occasion and your bump at the same time. Whether you’re throwing a party, having a quiet night in or looking for social media ideas, scroll through our list above to find the perfect suggestion for your family.

Do You Have a Fetal Doppler Yet?

If you still don’t have a fetal doppler, you’re missing out! These easy-to-use devices allow you to hear your baby’s heartbeat before she’s even born! Many parents say it provides an extra level of reassurance while increasing bonding.

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