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13 Reasons Why Being Pregnant in the Winter is Awesome

Holiday season chaos, the need to always bundle up and shorter days.

The cold weather and dark months can seem unpleasant, but there’s many positives to being pregnant during the winter months.

From less belly poking and more comfy evenings, we’re sharing the 13 best things about expecting during the winter.


#1 Less Poking and Prodding

In the summer when it’s hot out, you’re wearing less clothing and everyone can tell you’re pregnant. This prompts some people to make annoying comments, ask redundant questions and poke at your belly. Luckily, in the winter you’re usually more covered up with large coats, baggy shirts, sweaters, and cardigans. Many strangers won’t be able to tell that you’re pregnant and if they can, they’re less likely to touch your belly if there’s a protective layer (like a coat) laying on top.

If you’re pregnant during December, you may have to endure a month of annoying comments at holiday parties, but then you’re largely done with them!


#2 You’re Warmer

If you’re someone who feels cold-blooded and is shivering all the time, being pregnant during winter can be even more of a blessing. With the extra weight and a little body growing inside your belly, your body temperature has raised a bit. In fact, a rise in basal body temperature is one of the first signs of pregnancy. As your body releases progesterone throughout the nine months, your temperature will remain higher.

While everyone else is braving the cold, you’ll be enjoying your new built-in heater. The only downside is the occasional pregnancy hot flash, which affects about half of women, according to a 2010 study. But still, wouldn’t you rather go through hot flashes in the winter than in the humid summer?


#3 Layers for Hot Flashes

Speaking of hot flashes, a great way to control your temperature is to wear layers—which you probably already do during cold months. When you’re going out to shop or for an appointment, pair a tank top with a jumper and winter coat. It’s easy to adjust according to how you feel. If you’re having a hot flash, pull off your jumper and stay in your tank top to cool down. When you get chilly, put the jumper back on.

In the hot months, you don’t have this option; you just have to suffer through the sudden heat.


#4 Your New Year’s Resolution: Have a Baby

While everyone is setting up goals for the New Year, you can sit back and focus on having a baby. You don’t need to pretend that you’re going to go to the gym more, start a new diet or read more in the coming year because you’ll be busy being pregnant or tending to a newborn. While you can still have goals, there’s less pressure to set lofty expectations. And, when everyone else feels guilty about giving up their resolutions in February, you’ll still feel the same.


#5 It’s Cozy Season

If you’re someone who cares about style, you may feel pressured in the summer to keep up with the trends and make fashionable clothing choices. Unfortunately, this can leave you feeling uncomfortable as your belly and body start to expand and swell.

You may need to dress up for a holiday party or two, but other than that, winter is all about being cozy. Everyone is running errands in thick, oversized clothing, so you’re not alone. And hanging out at home in pajamas and slippers in the middle of the day isn’t lazy, it’s a way to save money on heat during cold months. Winter is the comfiest time to be expecting!


#6 Multiple Visits in One

When family members find out you’re pregnant, many may have the sudden urge to visit you and see your baby bump. This can mean a lot of traveling for you or a lot of hosting long distance relatives.

If you’re pregnant during the holiday season, it’s likely you’re already seeing these people anyway. Instead of making a trip to see your aunt, a separate one to see your grandparents and hosting your out-of-town sister, you can see them all at once during your family holiday gatherings.


#7 An Excuse to Decline Invitations

Not a party person? A little bit of an introvert? For once, you’re going to love the holiday season. That’s because you have the best excuse ever: You’re pregnant. It’s okay to decline an invitation, saying you’re feeling tired or suffering from a pregnancy symptom. People are unlikely to question it because they just want the best for you and your baby.

If you’re a homebody and your living room is the best place you could be this New Years, go for it! Given that you can’t drink or get too wild, most people will understand if you sit one out.

Perhaps you love parties but just really dislike that one-holiday gathering you must attend every year—but not this year! You can “conveniently” have morning sickness that day.


#8 Dark Winters = Better Sleep

Fatigue is a common pregnancy symptom in the first and third trimesters. Sometimes it may seem like, without doing anything, you’re ready for a nap. But when you can hear birds chirping and kids playing, it can be hard to rest. Considering it’s still light out at 8 p.m. in the summer, early bedtimes can be difficult.

In the winter, it gets darker earlier in the day. While this can be annoying in some ways, it’s great for moms-to-be who need some extra shut-eye. The dark evenings and quieter days make it easier and quicker to fall and stay asleep.


#9 It Feels Better to do Nothing

Doesn’t it just feel better to be lazy in the cold, dark months? There’s no pressure to enjoy the warm air or sunshine. And there’s no interesting activities to cross off your summer bucket list. Unless you love winter sports or live in a hot climate, there’s a lot less to do.

When pregnancy fatigue is keeping your inside, you don’t need to feel guilty because others are relaxing too. Many people hibernate during winter because it’s easier to stay home than getting bundled up to drive or walk through treacherous weather.


#10 Less Personal Maintenance

If you’re someone who is worried about their appearance, you can take a break this winter. Since you won’t be strolling around in sandals and shorts, there’s no need for soft, shaven legs and fresh pedicures. If your belly is making it uncomfortable to bend over and shave, or if you simply don’t want to, don’t. And, when your face is covered in scarves, hats, and hoods, what’s the sense in wearing makeup? The only people who will see are your family and they won’t care. Take a moment from caring about your outer beauty and focus on your inner appearance—by taking it easy.


#11 No FOMO

In the summer, you may have FOMO (fear of missing out) when your friends are at beach parties or picnics. Since these fun events happen less often in the winter, you don’t need to worry about not being there. You also won’t have to forgo gatherings that include alcohol—such as beer festivals or patio drinks. All the fun was had months earlier and will happen months in the future, but right now, everyone is resting alongside you.


#12 It’s the Perfect Time for a Babymoon

Have you heard of babymoons? They’re like honeymoons—only you take them before you have a baby. It’s your last vacation to relax as a couple before you settle down with your family.

If you’re getting a little sick of the cold, plan a babymoon to a warm and tropical location. In the summer, it makes less sense to spend money traveling to another place that’s just as sunny. But in the winter, you may need some sunshine and relaxation to calm your pregnancy nerves.

Learn how to plan a babymoon.


#13 More Baby Supplies

If you’re pregnant during the holiday season and gift-giving is a tradition in your family, say hello to extra baby supplies! When everyone hears you’re expecting, the easiest go-to gifts include things you actually need, such as baby clothes and products. Between holiday and baby shower gifts, you’ll cross a lot of items off your list and save some money.

Yes, that may mean less “fun” gifts, but many of those presents you probably end up not using or throwing out anyways.


What are your favorite things about being pregnant in the cold months? Comment below! If you have any pregnant friends, share this post to uplift their spirits too!


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