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Traveling during pregnancy can be challenging. But you don’t need to go far to have a fun and relaxing babymoon.

Whether you’re into seaside stays, winter cabins, or shopping sprees, there’s tons of ideas for babymoons right here in the U.S.!

Read on to discover the best ideas for babymoon destinations.

What is a Babymoon?

Before we jump into babymoon ideas, what is a babymoon anyways?

Adapted from the word “honeymoon,” a babymoon is a vacation you take before your baby is born. It’s you and your partner’s last chance to travel before you become parents with a baby in tow.

If couples decide to have a babymoon, many decide to go in the second trimester. In the first trimester, you’re likely experiencing pregnancy symptoms as your baby develops. In the third trimester, you’re probably getting ready for labor. This usually makes the second trimester the most ideal time to go travel.

Can You Travel During Pregnancy?

Traveling while expecting is a personal decision that depends on your babymoon destination, health, and comfort levels. Always get your doctor’s ‘ok’ before traveling during pregnancy. Share your plans and see if they have any precautions to consider.

Keep in mind that the further away you travel, the more challenging it may be. For example, taking a plane across the world will have different risks than planning babymoon ideas close to home.

In some cases, your doctor may recommend against travel entirely.

12 Best Ideas for Babymoon Destinations

When choosing a babymoon destination, here’s a few factors to consider:

  • Doctor’s advice for travel
  • Budget
  • Comfort
  • Fitness level

Below are the best ideas for babymoon destinations in the U.S.

Babymoon in Florida: Several Babymoon Destination Ideas

A babymoon in Florida has tons of fun options. Things you can do during a babymoon in Florida include:

  • Go to the beach
  • Shop
  • Visit the spa
  • Go for a pontoon boat ride
  • Stroll the streets or shoreline
  • Grab a delicious meal at a shoreside restaurant

Top places to stay in Florida include:

  • Miami
  • Orlando
  • Siesta Key
  • Augustine
  • The Florida Keys
  • Amelia Island

If you’re in Florida, you can also consider checking out Disneyworld. With so much to see and do, you could also make this your entire babymoon! Plan your vacation using our handy guide: 14 Safe Things To Do at Disneyworld During Pregnancy.

The Hamptons in New York

For a romantic and luxurious babymoon in the U.S., consider the Hamptons. You can find a cozy home or apartment on Airbnb. Choose a rental on the water or one that comes with a heated pool.

Summer ideas for a babymoon in the Hamptons include:

  • Going to the beach
  • Swimming in a heated pool
  • Enjoying a mocktail by the lake
  • Going to a gourmet restaurant
  • Visiting a farm

Winter ideas for a babymoon in the Hamptons include:

  • Enjoying hot chocolate or tea while taking a stroll on the empty beaches
  • Snuggling up and reading a book by the fire
  • Walking a trail
  • Visiting a restaurant with stunning winter views

<h3>San Diego, California

This big California city offers so much to see and do. From scenic nature to attractions, it has a bit of everything you want in a vacation. Ideas for a babymoon in San Diego include:

  • Taking a dinner cruise
  • Laying by the pool
  • Attending a yoga class
  • Visiting outdoor spaces, like the Torrey Pines State Reserve
  • Pampering yourself at a spa
  • Going to the beach and watching a sunset
  • Shopping for your baby’s wardrobe

New York City, New York

If you like the hustle and bustle of the city, take a trip to the big apple! With tons of attractions within walking, transit, and taxi distance, it’s easy to get around and check destinations off your bucket list.

Ideas for a babymoon in NYC include:

  • Booking tickets to a Broadway theatre show
  • Visiting museums
  • Visiting a world-class spa
  • Trying different cuisines
  • Shopping till you drop
  • Indulging in your cravings in specialty food stores
  • Walking or taking a carriage ride around Central Park

Boston, Massachusetts

For a fall babymoon destination, Boston is a great idea. The fall foliage makes a great backdrop for photos and during October, you can make a trip to Salem for some spooky attractions.

Things to do in Boston include:

  • Historic tours or walks
  • Booking tickets to an MLB or NFL game
  • Strolling through city parks
  • Walking through trails
  • Visiting other close destinations, like Maine

Woodstock, Vermont

While pregnancy means you won’t be skiing, many babymoon destinations in Vermont are perfect for a babymoon. Woodstock’s picturesque views make you feel cozy, warm, and comfortable.

Things to do during a winter babymoon destination in Vermont include:

  • Renting a cabin or a suite in a cozy inn
  • Making it a spa getaway
  • Trying snowshoeing
  • Going for a sleigh ride
  • Reading by the fire
  • Grabbing a hot chocolate and taking a stroll in a quaint town
  • Watching a snowstorm
  • Staying inside and binging Christmas movies
  • Trying mountaintop dining
  • Going for a winter hike
  • Visiting a maple syrup shop

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is a perfect place for a babymoon because it provides a relaxing backdrop that allows you to rejuvenate before the big day.

Things to do during a Colorado Springs babymoon destination vacation include:

  • Booking a day at the spa
  • Trying an easy hiking trail
  • Taking a food tour
  • Making plans for a scenic mountain maternity photoshoot
  • Visiting a museum
  • Packing a romantic picnic
  • Going for a hot air balloon ride
  • Enjoying dinner with a skyline view

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottdale is situated close enough to airports and hotels to make it a low-stress pregnancy destination. If you love the heat and having attractions close by, check out Scottsdale for a babymoon destination.

Babymoon ideas in Scottsdale include:

  • Golfing
  • Swimming in the pool
  • Lounging outside while enjoying a mocktail
  • Going for a short hike or walking on a trail
  • Booking a prenatal massage at a luxury spa
  • Taking a short trip to the Grand Canyon

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Outer Banks in North Carolina is a great place to rent a vacation home or stay in a romantic B&B.

Babymoon ideas in Outer Banks include:

  • Having a meal by the water
  • Going to the beach
  • Visiting local attractions
  • Walking the trails
  • Going birdwatching
  • Going to the spa
  • Booking a boat ride
  • Going fishing

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

From cozy winter cabins to beautiful lakefront cottages, Milwaukee and other Wisconsin destinations provide year-round ideas for babymoons.

Summer ideas for a babymoon in Milwaukee include:

  • Booking a boat ride
  • Going kayaking
  • Having brunch on the lake
  • Exploring the trails

Winter ideas for a babymoon in Milwaukee include:

  • Pampering yourself in a B&B spa
  • Cozying up by the fire
  • Booking a suite with a hot jacuzzi tub
  • Booking a dinner overlooking Lake Superior
  • Going snowshoeing

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is known for its cobblestone streets and horse-drawn carriages. Making a romantic scene for a babymoon, you’ll find tons of fun things to do and ways to relax.

Babymoon ideas in Charleston, South Carolina include:

  • Taking a walk down the cobblestone streets
  • Going on a carriage ride
  • Trying the world-class dining options
  • Exploring an art gallery
  • Taking a trip to the beach
  • Shopping the artisanal boutiques
  • Visiting a historical site

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is a great place to consider for babymoon destinations. As a coastal city, you can relax by the water while still being close to the exciting action of the city.

Ideas for a babymoon vacation in Savannah include:

  • Visiting a historical site or going on a historical tour
  • Strolling through the park
  • Taking in the art museums
  • Enjoying the waterfront
  • Having a beach day
  • Visiting religious attractions
  • Booking your babymoon to align with a show or festival
  • Walking the cobblestone streets and find some southern dining options

Travel with a Fetal Doppler

Being away from your doctor can bring anxiety. One way to increase your comfort is to bring a fetal doppler. Fetal dopplers are handheld devices that allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat while they’re still in the womb. Using the probe similar to an ultrasound, the baby’s heartbeat is amplified through speakers and the fetal heart rate is displayed on screen.

Many parents say it provides another level of reassurance that their baby is okay. And if you suspect something is wrong, you can record the noise and send it to your doctor to get their input.

Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat While Travelling. Get a Fetal Doppler Today!

Summary: Best Babymoon Destinations

When you’re considering ideas for babymoon destinations, keep in mind the advice your doctor has about pregnancy travel. There’s other considerations to keep in mind too. Pick a babymoon destination that aligns with what you’re most interested in: relaxation, being active, shopping, or exploration. You don’t need to travel across the world to find great ideas for your babymoon. Whether you’re looking to relax by the ocean, go on a shopping spree, or cozy up by the fire, there’s plenty of fun babymoon destinations in the U.S.

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