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12 Interesting Ways To Bond With Your Baby Belly


Don’t wait until your baby is born to bond with her—you can start now!

In this post, we share 12 ways you can connect with your baby and fill you in on a few products that can help, too!


Use a Fetal Heartbeat Monitor

Listening to your baby’s heartbeat is a powerful way to bond. Typically, you only get the opportunity to hear her heart during doctor’s appointments. Luckily, handheld and affordable fetal dopplers are now available so you can use them at home.

Our fetal heartbeat monitors are easy to use. Simply spread ultrasound gel on your belly and rock the probe upwards until you detect a heartbeat. If you have a model with an LCD screen, it will also display the fetal heart rate and/or heart rate graph. Many mothers can hear a heartbeat starting at 12 weeks.

You can use your fetal doppler for:

  • Bonding between you and your baby
  • Bonding between your partner and the baby
  • Giving the grandparents, godparents or your friends an opportunity to listen
  • As a way to gently introduce your children to the new baby

Although dopplers don’t replace check-ups, they are great to use in between. Many mothers also find that the device calms their anxieties and reassures them that their baby is okay. If you think you detect an irregularity, you can record the heartbeat for your health practitioner to listen to.

If you’re interested in learning more about fetal heartbeat monitors, check out these posts:

You can buy a fetal doppler here.


Share Music with Your Baby

Another product that can help you bond with your baby is the Sound Beginnings Belly Band. The band is designed to fit around your belly and the speakers inside it allow your fetus to gently hear the music. You simply plug the band into a device that plays music. It also comes with a headphone splitter so that you can listen along with your baby. Your baby is developed enough to hear outside sound starting in the second trimester.

Tip: Make a playlist of your favorite songs or children’s music. See which ones your baby likes the most/responds to.

You can get the music belly band on Amazon.


Respond to Your Baby’s Movements

One of the easiest ways to bond with your baby is to respond to her kicks. It’s also the closest you’ll get to communicating with her before birth. You’ll start feeling movements—such as kicks or turns—around 18-20 weeks.

When you feel a movement, rub your belly. Some mothers find that their baby responds by kicking back.


Talking and Singing

One study found that during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy, babies actively listen to their mother’s voice. After they’re born, they can tell the difference between their native language and a foreign language. This suggests that babies first learn language from their mother.

Some mothers even report that their baby responds with movement when they talk to them. Spend a few moments each day talking to your baby, especially later on in your pregnancy. If you’re not sure what to say, pick up a children’s book and start reading to her. If you’ve already picked out a name for her, start using it and see if she responds.

You can also try singing to her—perhaps your favorite song or a soothing lullaby.


Childbirth Classes

Attending childbirth classes can bring you closer to your baby because you’ll leave feeling more confident and prepared. You can also ask your partner to attend. Since fathers don’t experience pregnancy, they may have a more difficult time feeling connected until after birth. Learning about labor and newborns alongside you is a good way to make him feel a part of the journey.


Frame Ultrasound Photo

You don’t have to wait until your baby is born to frame a picture of her! Put the ultrasound photo on your nightstand, on your fridge, or somewhere that you’ll see it every day. Frequently seeing the photo may make you feel more connected and like your baby is already here!

Other options include:

  • Using it as your phone home/lock screen
  • Using it as your screensaver
  • Setting it as your profile picture on Facebook or other social media


Start a Pregnancy Journal

You can use a journal to record your thoughts and pregnancy developments. Reflecting and writing about your baby’s first movements can be a great bonding experience. It can also double as a keepsake that you can show your child in the years to come.

If you’re not typically someone who journals, it will probably be easier to purchase a journal that includes prompts. For example, The Belly Book journal is organized by trimester and includes spaces for you to include belly photos and ultrasound images. Writing prompts include pregnancy symptoms and more.


Write Letters to Your Baby

If you’re looking for another way to communicate with your baby, consider writing her letters. They also make a great keepsake for her to read when she’s older.

You can write letters the old-fashioned and inexpensive way: Take out a pen and paper and write down how you’re feeling at that moment. You can note your symptoms, mood and feelings about having a baby and how you wish her future to be.

It may also be easier to start writing with a few prompts. There are a variety of letter books you can buy for this. For example, this guided journal provides space for you to write about how your fetus is dreamed about and loved. They are designed so that you can one day give it to your child.


Do a Pregnancy Meditation

Meditation is beneficial for a variety of reasons. You can read our full Guide on Meditating While Expecting here.

You can do a simple meditation by shutting your eyes and observing your breath while holding your baby belly. Take a few minutes to tune in and notice any baby movements.

Another option is to do a guided meditation specific for pregnancy. The narrator’s instructions can help you connect with your bundle of joy and add a spiritual aspect to bonding. There are a variety of pregnancy guided meditations you can choose from. Listen to a few and see which one you like best.


Maternity Photobook

A creative way to bond is to make a photobook filled with moments from the start of your pregnancy to delivery. You’ll have fun posing for pictures with your baby, knowing that one day she can visually see the story of her life before birth.

Here are a few ideas for photos:

  • Your ultrasound photo.
  • Track your growing belly in pictures. For example, take a picture each week or each month.
  • Have a maternity photoshoot.
  • Capture any special moments while you’re pregnant, such as your baby shower, family events, birthdays, or holidays.
  • Decorate and photograph your belly with funny belly stickers.
  • Photos of you, your partner, friends or family wearing pregnancy-related shirts. For example, a “promoted to daddy” shirt, “I’m going to be a grandma” shirt or a “This girl is going to become a godmother” shirt. There’s even couples shirts that you and your partner could pose with.
  • Birth photos.
  • Newborn photos.


Make a Belly Casting

There are several kits you can use to make a cast of your baby belly. Making the cast and decorating it can be a great way to bond with your partner and baby while creating a keepsake.

Ideas for decorating it include:

  • Using paints
  • Collage of photos
  • Phrases written by people in the baby’s life/signing the cast
  • Wishes for your future baby
  • Using it as a guestbook at your baby shower


Do Anything Relaxing

Most mothers-to-be will agree that it’s easier to connect with their baby when they’re calm. When you’re stressed, you’re too busy worrying about things that your mind isn’t on your baby. However, when you’re present, you can fully focus on her kicks and turns and how’s she responding to you. De-stressing can be a good way to make the connection stronger.

Destressing may include:

  • A warm bath
  • Yoga
  • Reading a novel
  • Watching a funny movie or going to a comedy show
  • Getting a pregnancy massage
  • Going on a babymoon
  • Getting out into nature
  • Spending time with your partner
  • Talking to a friend
  • Disconnecting from technology

For more ideas on ways you can de-stress and reconnect, check out our posts:


What are you doing to bond with your baby? Tell us in the comments below! If you have any pregnant friends, share this post to help them connect, too!

P.S. Have you checked out our fetal dopplers yet? These amazing devices create the ultimate bonding experience by letting you listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Check them out here.

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