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11 Interesting Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Dad-To-Be

If you’re pregnant with your first baby, you may be wondering whether you should celebrate Father’s Day with your partner. Just because the baby is still inside the womb doesn’t mean you’re not parents yet.

If your partner has been preparing for the baby and helping you throughout pregnancy, you may want to surprise him with his first Father’s Day gift.

We’ve compiled a list of 11 Father’s Day gifts that will fit varying personalities and varying budgets. If you’re stuck on what to get your partner this month, keep reading!


Heartbeat Monitors

If you don’t have a heartbeat monitor yet, now is the perfect time to get one. Fetal dopplers are handheld devices that allow you to listen to your baby’s heartbeat while she’s still inside the womb.

Why It’s A Great Gift

This is one of the best Father’s Day ideas because it combines a gift with an experience. Since pregnant women can feel their baby’s movements, they are likely to feel more connected and feel like a mother before even giving birth. However, some dads-to-be may not feel like a father immediately because nothing has changed for them yet. It tends to be harder for a man to feel like he’s bonded with the baby before birth. Fetal dopplers are great tools to bridge that gap.

When he opens his gift, explain to him that the device will allow him to hear your baby’s heartbeat. Simply spread some ultrasound gel over your lower belly and glide the probe across. When a heartbeat is detected, he will be able to hear it through the earphones.

Where To Buy It:— There are several models to choose from. Use this comparison guide to help you decide.

Note: Although our heartbeat monitors come with a free sample of ultrasound gel, you’ll probably need more for continued use. You can purchase a full bottle here.

Cost: $19.95 to $68.98 depending on the model you choose


Framed Ultrasound

For a simple and budget-friendly Father’s Day gift, frame your ultrasound photo.

Why It’s A Great Gift

If your partner is more of the sentimental type, he’ll love a photo of your ultrasound in a special frame. If you don’t want to spend too much or go too over-the-top for his first Father’s Day, this is the perfect idea.

Where To Buy It

You can purchase a simple frame from the dollar store, or you can buy a dad-themed frame like these:

Cost: $1-$30+ depending on the frame you purchase


Weekend Vacation

If you’re not too far along in your pregnancy, you may consider planning a small weekend getaway for you and your partner.

Why It’s A Great Gift

Have you heard of babymoons? They’re like honeymoons, only they’re taken before the baby comes. Babymoons give you one last chance to enjoy a vacation as a couple before you start a family. It also gives you and your partner a break from all the stress of baby planning. You can choose to plan a babymoon for Father’s Day weekend, or you may tell him about the gift on Father’s Day, with the vacation to be taken at a later date.

While you can choose to go away for your vacation, you can also do something simple, such as booking a hotel room in another part of your city or in the neighboring town.

Read our full guide to decide whether having a babymoon is right for you.

Where To Buy It

  • Check local hotel websites for package deals
  • Contact a travel agent if you’d prefer to travel further from home
  • Get local ideas or find cheaper hotel packages on deal sites like Groupon

Cost: Depends on your budget and where you travel.


Baby Sports Onesie

If your partner is a huge fan of a sports team, consider buying a sports-themed onesie for your baby.

Why It’s A Great Gift

While this gift is technically for your baby, your partner will be happy knowing his son or daughter will also be rallying for his team and wearing a jersey.

Where To Buy It

  • Amazon— Simply type in “baby onesie” and your partner’s favorite sports team
  • Baby Fans
  • Etsy

Cost: $30+

Funny Dad Life Coloring Book

This isn’t your traditional coloring book—it’s full of dad-related pages and jokes.

Why It’s A Great Gift

If your partner isn’t one to get sappy but has a great sense of humor, this could be a great gift for him. Even if he won’t actually color the pages, he’ll have a fun time flipping through the pages and laughing.

Where To Buy It: Amazon

Cost: $9


Dad Shirt

Your partner can show his excitement about becoming a father by wearing a dad-themed t-shirt!

Why It’s A Great Gift

No matter your partner’s personality, you can find a dad-themed t-shirt to suit him.

Where To Buy It:

Cost: $15+


Non-Boring But Informative Baby Book

If you’re the one doing all the reading about parenting, you may wish your partner did a little researching as well. While many books are geared towards mothers, consider buying him a book that’s written for the dad-to-be audience in mind.

Why It’s A Great Gift

It will make it easier for him to digest all the parenting know-how if the book he’s reading is funny and interesting. Spend time researching a title that fits his personality.

Where To Buy It:

Cost: $10-$20


Couples Massage

You’re going through a lot right now with pregnancy’s ups and downs—so you deserve a gift for yourself too!

Why It’s A Great Gift

You and your partner can unwind from the baby preparation stress with a massage for two. Simply purchase a gift certificate and remember to mention that you’re pregnant when you book the massage. If your partner is someone who loves to be pampered and you have a bigger budget, you can consider making a full spa day out of it.

Where To Buy It:

  • Ask your local spa for a gift card
  • For cheaper packages, check a deal site such as Groupon

Cost: $110+


Daddy Diaper Bag

You’re not the only one who will be doing the hard work with the baby. Since your partner will also be helping, he should have a diaper bag of his own.

Why It’s A Great Gift

If your partner is someone who cares about his style, he’ll appreciate having a diaper bag that has a more “manly” feel to it. If you’re a couple who likes to go on long walks, hikes or adventures, these travel backpacks will also come in handy.

Where To Buy It:

Cost: $25-$100


Story Books

If you can envision your partner reading your baby to sleep every night, consider buying some baby storytime books.

Why It’s A Great Gift

Giving storybooks as a Father’s Day gift gives your partner something to look forward to and gives him a way to bond with the baby once he or she is born.

Where To Buy It:

Cost: $5-$15


Expecting Father’s Day Card

Of course, you’ll need a card to go with your gift. If you’re having trouble finding a specific father-to-be card, you can find plenty options online.

Where To Buy It

Cost: $5-$10


Are you getting anything for your partner for Father’s Day? If so, comment below your ideas! If you have any pregnant mom friends, be sure to share this post with them, too!

P.S. If you haven’t checked out our fetal dopplers yet, Father’s Day is a great time to. These handheld devices can take father-baby bonding to a whole new level—even before he or she is born! Check them out here.

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