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10 Baby Shower Games That Won’t Bore Your Guests

Getting ready for your baby shower is an exciting time—but it can also be challenging. Baby showers are known to be boring, so picking appropriate games and activities may be difficult.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 10 games that your guests will actually enjoy.

Play-Doh Baby


This fun game combines creativity and a favorite childhood activity—Play-Doh.

How-To: Purchase some different colored Play-Doh and break it up into medium-sized chunks. Wrap up each chunk in saran wrap and hand them out when the game starts. Have a table set up with some tools, such as plastic knives or sculpting tools. Instruct each guest to imagine what your baby will look like, then make him or her using Play-Doh. Set the timer for 15 minutes. The mom chooses the best-looking baby as the winner. For an example of what the babies may look like, click here.

Bonus Idea: If you want a keepsake, hand out clay instead of Play-Doh. You’ll have a permanent memory of the fun day.

Guests Will Love It Because: They get to take themselves back to their own childhood using Play-Doh. Even if some of your guests aren’t creative, they will still have a good laugh at their silly creations.


Decorate a Onesie


Not only will your guests have fun in this game, but you’ll also be left with some personalized onesies for your baby to wear!

How-To: Purchase a few plain white onesies—enough for each guest. You can buy cheap packs of 4 or 5 at Wal-Mart, Amazon or eBay. You’ll also need to provide some decorating supplies such as fabric pens and paints. Your guest can write a funny or cute saying or just draw a picture—their imagination is the limit. The mother chooses the best onesie as the winner.

Guests Will Love It Because: This one feels more like an activity than a game. Give your guests a break from the competition and let them relax a little by using their creativity!


Frozen Baby

This is a game that requires no effort on your guests’ part and can be played at any time throughout the baby shower.

How-To: Purchase some small plastic babies, such as these ones from Amazon. Freeze the plastic babies inside ice cube trays—enough for one per guest. When the guests arrive, give them their drink of choice and place an ice cube baby inside. When a guest notices their ice cube has melted, they must yell “My water broke!” The first ice cube to melt wins!

Bonus Idea: Another option is to allow guests to try to melt the ice cubes themselves. For example, they can warm it up in their hands or stick it under a lamp to speed up the process and win.

Guests Will Love It Because: They don’t need to do anything except for keep an eye on their drink.


Best Instagram Picture

In today’s world of technology, it’s time to modernize baby shower games!

How-To: Set up a chalk board or other board at your entrance table. Write “Post your pics on Instagram with #YOURNAMEBabyShower (best pic wins a prize).” You can play around with which hashtag you’d like to use. At the end of the party, scroll through the pics with the same hashtag and choose the best one!

Bonus Idea: If some guests don’t use Instagram, you can also choose to open the competition up to Twitter and Facebook.

Guest Will Love It Because: They could win a prize for something they would probably do anyway. They’ll be in competition to capture the funniest or best moment throughout the afternoon—which means you’ll have a plethora of great photos of the special event.


Feed Daddy

If you’re having both girls and guys at your baby shower, this is a hilarious game to play.

How-To: Blindfold the ladies and give them a spoon and a jar of baby food. Have the daddy stand opposite to them. The ladies need to try to get the food into the man’s mouth without seeing. It sounds easy—but you’ll be surprised how much baby food ends up all over his face! The woman who makes the least mess wins!

Bonus Idea: If you’re having a female-only baby shower, you can play the same game but re-name it “feed mommy.” Of course, you’ll need to be ready for a messy face!

Guests Will Love It Because: Okay, maybe the daddy won’t be a huge fan of this game. But the ladies are sure to have a good laugh!


The Price Is Right: Baby Shower Edition

How much does having a baby actually cost? Guests are sure to have a better idea after this guessing game.

How-To: Place some everyday baby items on the table along with some more expensive items. Examples include diapers, wipes, a baby bottle, baby food, socks, diaper cream, baby toys, car seat, etc. Buy price tags from the dollar store (or print some out). Hand out enough price tags for each item for each guest. Have the guest guess the price of each item (make sure they initial each price tag!). The person who guesses the closest price for each item (without going over) wins!

Bonus Idea: If you don’t want to set the items up on a table, you can always play the paper version of the game. Here’s a print out.

Guests Will Love It Because: Even if they don’t watch the TV show, they’ll have some fun and friendly competition guessing how much everyday baby items cost.


Name the Baby Song

Guests will have fun racking their brain trying to remember the song title and artist.

How-To: Create a playlist of about 15 songs with the word “baby” or “babe” in the title. Examples include:

  • Baby One More Time by Britney Spears
  • Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey
  • Baby by LL Cool J
  • American Baby by Dave Matthews Band
  • Baby Boy by Beyoncé

Hand out a paper and pen to each guest. Play the first 5 seconds of each song and challenge the guests to write down the name of the song and the artist. Give each guest one point for the correct title and one point for the correct artist. The guest with the most points wins!

Guests Will Love It Because: This game is a fun way to incorporate music into the afternoon. You can also personalize the playlist according to the music tastes of your friends.


Baby Blocks

After this game is finished, your baby will have a personalized set of baby blocks made by the people closest to him or her.

How-To: Purchase a set of blank baby blocks along with some permanent markers. Give each guest one block and ask them to decorate it in any way they’d like. After everyone is finished, place the blocks inside a bag and randomly pick out the winning block.

Guests Will Love It Because: They will love that they’re creating a keepsake your baby will have forever.

Babies Against Parenthood (AKA Cards Against Humanity)

If you’ve ever played Cards Against Humanity, you know how hilariously fun the game can be. Although this may be a more risqué baby shower game, we guarantee your guests won’t be bored!

How-To: Print out the cards onto cardstock and cut them out. Deal everyone 10 white cards to start off. Each round, read out one black fill-in-the-blank card. Each person will put forth one white card they find the most hilarious answer to fill in the blank with. The card reader picks the best answer and that person gets a point. The guest with the most points at the end of the game wins! More detailed instructions can be found on the game printout.

Guests Will Love It Because: Cards Against Humanity is a game they would probably play at any party, so having it at a baby shower is sure to be a fun and entertaining surprise!


Who Knows Mommy Best

Sure, everyone at your baby shower is a friend or family member—but who knows you the best?

How-To: Print out a “Who Knows Mommy Best” sheet. Alternatively, you can make it more interesting by creating your own questions and including inside joke or personalized questions. Example questions may include:

  • What is mommy’s #1 pet peeve?
  • Where did mommy and daddy meet?
  • What is the one thing that always makes mommy laugh?
  • Who was the first person mommy told about her pregnancy?
  • What has been mommy’s funniest pregnancy moment yet?

Guests Will Love It Because: Everyone wants to show off their knowledge about the mom-to-be!

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What games are you planning to play at your baby shower? Comment below! If you have any pregnant friends or family members, be sure to share this post with them, too!

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